Battery Storage for Solar PV (grid connected) Course

Battery Storage for Solar PV (grid connected)

A Short Course for the Home Owner

Course Date/Time: 9am to 1pm, Saturday 2 December, 2017.

Location: 25 – 29 Burnett St., Wellington Point.

Cost: $75 per person – Bookings Essential

This course will provide you with a thorough understanding of what to look for when buying battery storage systems for grid connected solar PV systems. It will explain:

  • Why use battery storage?
  • Will battery storage save me money?
  • How much energy do I use and how much do I need to store?
  • Why NOT to go off grid?
  • What battery storage technologies are available?
  • What are the different system configurations for retrofitting & new PV systems
  • Are there alternative ways to store energy that are cheaper?
    • Load shifting
    • Heat
    • Coolth
  • What are the effects of time of use or demand electricity tariffs?
  • What safety issues apply to the installation of batteries?

Presenter:  Trevor Berrill is an award winning sustainable energy systems engineer and educator with over 40 years’ experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Booking & Payment Details – Contact:  Ph.  0400 177 283